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visually incredible


Safety Not Guaranteed

New favorite movie. The beginning makes you feel like it’s going to be one of those films, but as you progress, the movie becomes better and better.

It’s not about the time traveling, it’s about the characters and having a partner.


Pulp Fiction

So good.

Mostly because of the style that Quentin Tarantino films his movies with.

Otherwise just because of the dialogue and the colors.

Stranger Than Fiction

Although I probably wouldn’t have picked Will Ferrell for the lead, he did a good job.

Although other people would rate this movie much less than I would. I think it was good. It was ironic, satirical, and overall good.


The Dreamers


The First Time

Your average cheesy rom com teenager flick.


The Internship

Very funny. Forgettable, but fun to watch.

Dylan O’Brien has the perfect face.


The Beginners

April 19, 2013

Made me feel again.


The Beginners

The Beginners

The Beginners

The Beginners